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Author Topic: Cry of the Woods | {20 - Siblings}  (Read 40518 times)

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Cry of the Woods | {20 - Siblings}
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:12:27 PM »
Warning: This ff is not suited for children. If you have age groups nearby that are clearly unsuited to some of the listed themes below, it is advised you do not allow them to read this.


Section One: Letting Go
01 - Crows' Call
02 - Upturned
03 - Smolder
04 - Ninety Two
Section Two: Facility
05 - Isolation
06 - Sentence
07 - Shockwave
08 - Ricochet
09 - Rule
Section Three: Restart
10 - Unity
11 - Flesh
12 - My Claws {Bonus}
13 - Flicker
14 - Blades
15 - Honour
Section Four: Buildings
16 - Skyline
17 - Sniper {Bonus}
18 - Unlocked
19 - Golden {Bonus}
20 - Siblings {Bonus}

OOC Introduction

Good day to you! You appear to have clicked on my fan fiction, and I firstly will thank you for coming to check it out, unless you misclicked - then sorry your mouse slipped and bye, I guess.

But if you're here for a read, then I'll give a brief intro of what my book will be about, and what kind of style it is.

Firstly if you don't like boring introductory things, I'd suggest skimreading until part 02.

Obviously, this is based on the Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead game entierly, and although I've kept a lot of the CDDA monsters and lore in the novel, not all the events are going to be 101% accurate, so if you're a fan of events SUPER realistic to the game, then you won't find it here!

This book is written in first-person past tense, and the main character - Valen Curse - will tell you his story of survival. Seeing as the book contains sections which are sometimes too short to be called 'chapters', I will mostly split the book up into parts instead. Such as '01' '02' '03' you get the idea. If you're wondering how many parts there are planned to be, then I'm hoping to get in around 50 parts if people show interest in this.

The story will be told by Valen starting around 4 months into the cataclysm, considering the cataclysm is considered to have stated when everything goes to total anarchy. Valen will sometimes describe flashbacks of his first days of the cataclysm, so watch out for those.

You should watch out for:

-Strong language
-Strong violence
-Gory scenes
-Religious themes
-Romantic themes
-Character deaths
-Filtered Racism/Sexism/Other themes of prejudice and inequality.

That's about it really. Just giving a heads up in case any of those things bother you. Also romantic themes does not mean sexual content. I will make it clear that this novel with have no sexual content.

So without further ado, if you are still interested, read on, and I hope you enjoy my little fanfic!

Prologue - My Life
You ever survived near a year in hell?

I didn't think so. I didn't think so. So you read this. This was my life. These were the sacrifices I made for you people happily sitting in your chairs right now. Hell, I doubt anyone will ever read this... but it's something to hold on to. Writing always kept me sane, other than the sound of the birds.

But there's no birds now. Not for miles. I'm not sure how long I have left.

But I'll start. For my own sanity.
8 Months Ago
My life in the apocalypse was pretty simple. Hard, but simple. What's this 'apocalypse', you think? It's nowhere near the world you live in today. Everyone who dies here comes back and tries to rip the living to shreds. Scientists have created mutants that can rip you to shreds, imitate the human tongue, grow to the size of a tree. And spread diseases that could wipe out a major city in a few weeks. Oh, and these used to be humans.

Now have I got your attention?

Everything was desolate in the cities. Buildings were abandoned by the living - the dead always used to roam around, hoping to catch someone off guard to brutally kill them. All civilization had collapsed within the course of... was it three weeks? Yeah, everything was gone alright. The computer monitor you're looking at now... it'd be suicide in this world if you'd ever want to look at that again. Pretty much everywhere was a death trap.

Everywhere but the woods.

And that's how I lived - how most 'survivors' got by. The woods were somewhat secure, and less infested with the dead. Sure, wild animals were about - some of the zombified, but if you had a working rifle like I did with a silencer attached, stuff wasn't so bad. Not so bad for this hell, anyway. Everything you'd take for granted now - something as simple as an MP3 player playing your favourite song, people would kill eachother for that stuff. Gangs had formed; I wasn't sure where, but I just lived a nice, and simple life in the woods. Hunting, collecting water - that stuff was easy. If anything bad like some of the bigger, zombified animals - moose were a prime example; they could kill you in seconds when zombified - I'd just hide up in my emergency treehouse and take potshots.

In the apocalypse, routine was key for me. Hunt and get meat from the squirrels and rabbits, collect rainwater with the gallon jugs I'd scavenged from the roads, and sometimes I'd even go on night raids in the cars at the highway to see if anything good was about. But meat doesn't last forever. Barely anything lasts forever nowadays, and everything's finite with the factories infested by dead workers. That's what causes people to start killing people.

Yep, you read that right. People killing people. If it wasn't the dead that got you, it was the true and selfish nature of mankind. Even I messed up sometimes... I've done a lot of things I regret. People formed gangs so they could be safe in numbers, and take out any threats. This formed larger, competing gangs fighting and killing what little survivors were left for something as simple as gasoline. The bigger gangs rose to the top, and the smaller gangs who failed to rise against the others were sooner of later wiped out of existence. People who didn't go in a gang - people like me - were called 'solos.' Solos were extremely rare; everyone was brought into gangs either by their own fear or force. But I didn't. People knew I could take care of myself, and my strategy was to always be on the move.

So then. I suppose you're going to be my readers. I'll tell you what happened in the previous 8 months in my life that puts you in that seat you're in today. Yeah, this'll work. Maybe I could get some recognition... some recognition before it's all over here.

My name is Valen Curse. And this is my story.

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {Prologue - My Life}
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 04:28:12 PM »
01 - Crows' Call

We'll start the real story about eight months back. Where my life was comfortable. Before that I was just confused and running for about three months, but after that phase had ended, I'd finally settled down for myself. Settled down to a routine.


I wasn't sure what might have woke me up that day. It could have been the call of the birds, or the footsteps of a fleeing deer passing by. Whatever it was, I was always grateful to still be alive back then. People like you don't have to worry about being raided, killed or captured as a slave while you slept. Humanity and laws, it was safe to say, had crumbled.

I'd get out of my tent on a morning like this, and start my usual routine. My tent was full of dried meat I'd gathered from animals, along with a few little souvenirs of the old life I'd managed to pick up. Such as an old mobile phone without any battery, and a keyring with some sort of girly cartoon character on it. Things like that were extremely rare nowadays, even if they did serve no real use.

I'd slip on my usual gear: a long fur cloak I'd made mostly from deer and wolf pelts, but other than that I always used to wear clothes I managed to scavenge from the city a while back. Pretty much everything I took was dark green; a little camouflage is important even when I wasn't hunting. I liked to stick with a hooded top, cargo pants and hiking boots. They were warm and maneuverable, as well  as one of my old possessions: my old backpack. The thing was important to me other than some form of storage. It just... it just reminded me of the old life.

Heh. Look at me now. I'm tearing up just writing about it. But nonetheless...

So I left the embrace of my tent that day, and got the usual equipment. An old combat knife I'd scavenged from the body of some military recruit, and my bow. My old bow was crude, to say the least. Mostly made from sticks and stringy, red muscle fiber. It wasn't showy, but with fire hardened sharp sticks I liked to call arrows, they certainly did the job for hunting.

But as I'd left for the usual routine of hunting in the thick woods, something wasn't right.

I don't know, I... I could just feel it that day. Standing there amongst the grass. Something just wasn't right. The trees were giving a strange creak as they swayed, and the wind was strong today.

A few crows eyed me from their perch at a tree, and squawked with an ear-piercing screech before soon flying off. I was too suspicious of the unnatural feeling around me to even think about shooting them for more meat. What was it that was making me feel this way? It had been four months into the apocalypse for me at this point, and in total I'd settled into life in the woods for about a month. I'd know. I have a crude diary of every day I could write in on me right now, but they're just crude scribbles. You wouldn't want to read that.

I found myself nocking an 'arrow' onto the string of my bow, and my loose brown hair was frantically blowing in the strong winds. I don't know what it was, but I found myself calling out:

"Hey. Who's there. Show yourself."

The only reply I got was the creaking of the trees.

"Show yourself, damn you!"

No reply again. I was paranoid all the time, but especially today. If there's one thing you people ought to know about the apocalypse, then it's this. You can't trust anything. Or anyone.

By now I was leaving my tent behind me, determined to figure out the source of the unease that passed through my body. Agile, I stayed close to the forest floor. A few creepers scratched against my trousers, but my body was too tense to notice. Arrow still nocked, my blue eyes darted around the forest floor readily. My eyes are a glowing green right now as I write this, but I'll get to that later.

And as I sneaked through the underbrush, something subnormal happened.

Just in the distance. A pair of yellow eyes glowed, and a figure behind it stared at me for a while. I locked eye contact with whatever it was - but the figure was near invisible apart from its eyes in the background of the forest. The shadowy outline of a humanoid was shrouded in darkness, but it wasn't a zombie. I'd gotten used to dealing with those things anyway, believe me.

Then words in an eerie whisper were presented to me quite clearly.


It almost sounded female, but the harsh whisper in the darkness was too quiet for me to understand. They could talk? I wanted someone to talk to for all these days of being lonely back then. Not only that, but I didn't understand. Run? I had no clue what she meant. I wish I listened to her.

I opened my mouth to reply, to answer the figure, but she soon darted away, leaving a trail of the spring leaves behind her, and I was alone in the forest. I knew how to get back to the tent, but... I was starting to get hints of why the figure told me to run.

The grass at my feet was growing before my very own eyes. And the trees creaking - they were actually swaying without the help of the wind.

I had no idea what was going to happen after that.

And how I wish I did.
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Re: Cry of the Woods | {Chapter 1 - Crows' Call}
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2014, 06:53:20 AM »
Did someone say.....NEW JAKERS STORY?!
"'Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!'"

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {Chapter 1 - Crows' Call}
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2014, 03:17:45 PM »
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02 - Upturned

And so I just stood there as the grass steadily grew. I don't know what I was thinking back then - I though something good was happening when the grass was turning an even more graceful green, and it went right up to my knees. Flowers were even starting to grow, right before my very eyes. I thought it was a blessing of some sort, and I was actually starting to laugh a little with amazement.


I stood there for about... what, fifteen seconds? Just watching the nature grow around me in amazement, reaching down to touch the growing grass to check if it was real. Oh, it was real alright. Even the trees were growing in height, and I'd thought the foreshadowing of something evil had just been a sense of false judgement on my half. I'd completely ignored the female figure's previous warning.
Quote from: ???
*SNAP*          *CRUNCH*

I was awoken from my amazement by the sound of the trees around me crunching into splinters, and it was only then I'd noticed my foolishness. The grass was growing at a huge rate at my feet now, and the twines of green were starting to wrap around my legs. By now I tried to run, but I was ensnared by the grass. I twisted my legs uselessly, and they by now were wrapped up to their knees in the grass, and still growing. I probably swore; I hadn't mastered keeping my cool back then. The forest was always dark, but with the leaves growing rapidly along with the bark of the trees, an unsettling gloom even darker than before had covered the entire forest.

"Damn it! GET OFF!" I screamed, noticing my own fault now. I should have listened to that pair of yellow eyes; now I was paying for it. I cursed as a splinter - probably caused by the rapid growth of the trees - flew against my cheek, drawing fresh blood from it. The grass was tightly wrapped around my legs, and still growing up to my thighs. At this point, I literally couldn't move my legs whatsoever, and I was just... affixed to the forest floor. It was a horrible feeling.

Almost as if nature itself was against me.

But then I saw the beast itself. You people have no idea.

A large mass of leaves and vines peered from the darkness, and emitted a noise - I'm not sure what the noise was. Like some sort of rasping, hissing noise - and the head of the monster appeared. A huge red flower, probably almost the size of me, opened up its petals of false allurement to reveal rows of thirsty teeth and ravenous tongues - and here I was, ensnared in its grass as the mass of leaves pushed through the forest, gaining distance on me. It was only about ten or so feet away when I noticed it, and rapidly proceeding towards me. The closer this... this plant-monster got to me, the faster the grass grew around my body. The grass was almost up to my hips, and started to tie my legs even tighter together, which made me choke a little. Trees were even bursting through the earth, and dirt was flying everywhere from the mass of plants that arisen with this plantlike monster. My arms were still free, however, and my arrow was still nocked - but what could I do against something huge - it was a huge mass of plant matter, and I was a helpless body of flesh entangled in grass.

But when you're in a situation like this, you don't even care. The survival instinct. The adrenaline. It makes you do whatever you can to try and survive.

So I fired the arrow: pulling the muscly string of the bow I was used to back, and letting the fire hardened wood fly through the air. I'd aimed for the inside of its mouth, and that's just where it went. I don't know if it had any effect to it, but the huge, cylinder-like red flower jerked back a little, slowing its advance on me. All that did was buy me some time, but the grass was really starting to grow on me now... so much so that I couldn't twist my back to nock another arrow, and my grip on the bow loosened as it uselessly lied against the floor. The colossal plant had recovered by now, and it was starting to get even closer.

You ever looked death straight in the eye?

All the rows of teeth facing me... approaching. I knew I'd be ripped to shreds by them in seconds. This was it.

So I was going to die of my own stupidity.

Or, so I thought.

"Target detected."

The colossal floral head of the monster was about to snap at my head when I heard that voice, and by then I was already prepared to think about my last thoughts. Then a beam of orange flame shot above my head, and straight into the floral head of the monster. The tightness of the grass slacked off against my legs almost instantly, and I watched in awe as the plant-like monster - nowadays I know that it was a triffid queen - screeched and retreated as it burst into flame. Seizing my chance when it came, I turned my hips with all my might to escape the tight grip of the grass, and soon my legs were numb, but free. An ear-piercing screech almost deafened me as the whole forest around me seemed to violently shudder and shake, but I was sure to quickly pick up my bow before whirling around and sprinting. I didn't know what had become of the triffid queen back there, I just wanted to run and escape - and then I found the owner of the voice.

A female figure, covered in many plates of shining chrome so that her body glinted in the orange glow of the destruction in front of her. Everywhere but her face and long, brunette hair was mechanized in some way or another. She wore a small headset around her ear with a mic in front of her mouth, and her eyes... I'll never really understand what colour her eyes were. Blue, in a way... but in the glow of the fire behind me... they almost seemed like a deep red. Smoke was emitting in a steady stream from her left hand, and her whole left arm was covered in a series of remarkable blue and white lights, and a huge gaping hole - presumably where she fired the flame from, was in her metallic palm, some flames still dancing inside it.

"Charging fusion cannon." Her voice said emotionlessly. It wasn't the robotic voice I was expecting from an obvious heavy bionic user, but it still had a spine-chilling monotone.

Outstretching her left hand again, the hissing of coolant was audible as ever, and my confusion was indescribable as to what was going on. The high-pitched hum of something charging came next, and I gave a yell as I sprinted for my life away from the palm facing me. I thought she was trying to kill me, but it turns out she was just aiming to finish off the monstrosity that almost devoured me.


I can't even describe the noise that followed. Like a series of compressed explosions and fire. And a devastating beam of white-blue fire shot through the air as I watched in awe from the undergrowth. Within seconds, the floral monster gave out a final screech before it was evaporated in mere seconds before my very eyes.

Surely no one has ever witnessed such terrifying power before?

The beam, wailing through the air only gave out a little heat from where I was crouching, but if you touched the beam... I'm sure you'd be evaporated instantly. And the girl's terrifying figure - everything but her glowing-red eyes masked in the white-blue light of the destructive cannon attched to her palm.

"Target neutralized."
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Re: Cry of the Woods | {03 - Smolder}
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03 - Smolder

The sweat was trickling down my forehead in small streams, and I was gasping for breath as the bursts of adrenaline were rushing around my head. My eyes were so wide I don't think teargas could have closed them. The huge ray of blue and white energy the cyborg had fired from her hand... it was just unbelievable. And the red glow of her eyes behind the beam... it was unsettling.

The roaring sounds of obliteration in the air soon died away, and so did the beam. The blinding light soon died away, and I opened my squinted eyes. There was no triffid queen left - just a pile of ashes. The overgrown trees had been blasted into nothingness where the fusion cannon had hit, leaving a gaping hole; you could clearly see where the beam had been fired.

The bushes that surrounded the forest floor ahead of me where smothered in flames, and the orange flickers of light danced across the charred forest floor. Soon the flames would reach me, so I staggered back, not realizing I was only five feet in front of the girl - the terrifying power.

Then I realized:

"M-my tent!" I croaked, wondering if the tent holding all my supplies: my food, my rifle, my spare clothes - all the possessions that mattered to me, had either been caught in the overgrowing nature cause by the triffid queen, or had been in the area of effect of the cyborg's cannon.

I attempted to scramble to my feet, but stumbled over again with a groan. My legs were were tired and worn from where the grass had wrapped around them, and I could do little but lay prone against the dried leaves.

"Possible hostile human detected. Returning for interrogation." I heard the voice from behind me mutter in its cold monotone. I rolled onto my back, and saw the cyborg tower over me. Smoke flew from her outstretched palm which was pointed steadily at me, and the smooth, metal plates her body was coated in glinted strongly in the sun. Her face, still young and pretty, yet cold and relentless looked down on me. Her patronizing eyes surveyed me with almost no interest whatsoever.

"Do not resist." She muttered simply, and bent down to grab me.
"...M-m... my..." I began with a stutter, still recovering from the shock, but before I could finish I could feel her ironclad grip around my throat. I could still feel the heat from the cannon, and the pain was indescribable.
*Gack!* "G-GAAAHHHH!" I screamed louder than I'd ever done in my life. It was like someone placing soldering irons all over my throat. The cyborg ignored my wails of pain, and lifted me forcefully to my feet. By the time she released the red-hot grip around my neck and held me by the back of the shirt instead, I was sobbing. Yes, sobbing. If you think that I'm a pussy by crying from almost being killed, witnessing the most power I'd ever seen and then being burnt alive, then I have no words for you.

I tried to run, but her grip around the back of my hoodie was as sturdy as a clamp.
"What..." I started inbetween tears, "What do you want from m-me?!" My neck was red and burnt from where she'd gripped me earlier, and the pain was still horrible.

"You are a member of an extremely hostile group. You will be escorted to your termination shortly." The bionic user replied in her monotone.

"Member of a hostile g-group?! I've always b...been alone, damn you!"
"Do not resist."
"CAN YOU EVEN THINK FOR YOURSELF ANYMORE? A-Are... are you just a... a... robot?"

There was a pause by the girl, and I could feel her grip weaken a little bit. I still couldn't escape, but whatever I said seemed to have some impact on her. My screams had probably attracted people for miles now, but I didn't care. I was a solo, and I had been all my life. What had given her the impression I was in with some gang?

Nonetheless, I took my chance to try and talk my way out of this. Fighting someone who could turn a triffid queen to ashes in milliseconds was an understatement of suicide.

"...Then why... why will you be killing me... I haven't done anything - I don't even know you." I muttered, calming down now. I had a short temper, especially when a cyborg lady is administering a death sentence to you for no reason.
"I have already stated that. You are part of an extremely hostile group. Justice will see you dead."
"I tell you, I'm not...! I swear... I swear on my life!"
"That's exactly what those scum would say." The girl's voice suddenly snapped, and her grip tightened even more around my hoodie again.
"What do you want me to s-say, dammit?! I've lived by myself in a tent for months, and for the three months before that, I'd ran away from the city, where I saw my whole family... and... my... my..." I cut off. It was hard for me to say the next sentence, and only tears followed. I knew that day, two months ago - what happened that day was my fault.

"I've... I've seen my whole family murdered in front of my very eyes, so don't think you can tell me who I am.... you... YOU DAMNED FREAK!"

The word echoed through the forest, and the silence followed after. Nothing but the gentle smoldering of flames was audible, and the cyborg's eyes behind me had become still and expressionless. The word - freak - seemed to conflict with her mind for a few seconds, and I could feel the grip on the back of my hoodie release.

I took my chance, and began to stagger across the underbrush, thinking I'd managed to make my escape from sheer luck - and I'd be pursued any time soon. Twisting through the underbrush at my legs, I quickly jerked my head back, thinking I'd see a furious pair of red eyes chasing after me, and her cannon charging, ready to evaporate me into nothingness within a few seconds.

But that wasn't the case. The cyborg just stood there, her eyes blue and glazed. The wind shook her brunette hair, and she stood, still as a statue.


By this time I'd stopped running. I don't know why. Whether it was because it was intriguing to see this woman effected so strongly by a simple word, or because... maybe because I felt bad. But calling her a name surely was nothing compared to what she did? She caused pain to me beyond belief... but... I still felt careless for calling her that.

And then I did something even stupider. I got up from my feet; slowly; cautiously, and began to walk towards her again. My heart was beating as if I was in the very presence of a predator who would jump out at me any second.

"Hey... I didn't... I didn't mean it, okay?" I cautiously whispered. I didn't have any idea why I was saying this. Maybe it was because it was the first human - well, part human - that I'd seen in months. And if she wanted to find me again, I would have guessed I had nowhere whatsoever to hide from her. It was this or nothing.

"Freak..." She whispered now. I couldn't tell from where I was standing, but I could have sworn she was starting to get teary-eyed.

I didn't have any reply, and I actually started to feel bad now. I've always been a sensitive person; I'm sure anyone normal - like you people - would have just taken their opportunity to run away now.

Would you have ran? Don't know why I'm asking... I just want to know if I am - I was - slightly normal... before I carry on. 

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {03 - Smolder}
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04 - Ninety Two

Fear. Loneliness. Those two factors always affect your actions, and they'll always reduce your chance of survival if you can't get used to them. Loneliness I had gotten used to: but that was my weakness. The cyborg girl was someone else to talk to - another human being.

That's why I turned back after what I said. I could see she wasn't a monster. I wanted to like her, get to know her, and I wanted her to feel the same way.

This is what loneliness does to you in the long term.
The girl was still standing as still as a rock after my attempt to try and reassure her. But still remained to just stand there and repeat the word 'freak'. I looked in my mind for something to say - anything to say to snap her out of that trance.

"I was just angry. You were going to kill me, right...? I imagine you're going to turn around and kill me later anyway..." I muttered uncertainly. She didn't move at all.
"Terminate..." She muttered finally, and began to slowly turn on me again - at this point I could see the tears in her eyes, and she seemed to have some sort of insanity within her. I could sense it. As she began to walk towards me, I didn't run. I stood still and firm - running would just make me seem more guilty.
"What evidence do you have that I'm part of this group." I said simply. The cyborg slowed down somewhat, and lowered her outstretched hand.
"I was ordered to terminate you. I must obey."
"By who?"
"My commander..."
"And did he have any evidence? I've been living on my own for months now - what were his exact orders?"

The cyborg stopped and seemed to say the following words with difficulty.

"Eliminate everyone in the woods."

A crow burst out of one of the overgrown trees, leaving a scatter of green to fall over me in the silence of the moment. Eliminate everyone in the woods. Who would want to do that? And what was the purpose of it? Obviously I know that now - but I wish I did back then. It would have saved...

"And he told you everyone in the woods was in a hostile group?"

"He's wrong. There are gangs around here - I've seen them, and always stayed away from those people. But I know other people just go their own way around here. Most gangs will compete for resources - which is why I stay away from "
"I can't just believe you. My commander saved my life, and it is up to me to do whatever he says. You will be terminated; do not resist." The cyborg said, the shakiness starting to leave her voice again and she started to grab me.

"Just let me show you something first. I have the right to prove my innocence - you wouldn't want to kill innocent people, would you? You've been ordered to kill people because they're hostile. Correct?"
"And how would you feel if you're killing innocent people?"

A silence followed, and the augmented girl turned away.
"Lead the way."
And so I lead her to where my tent was - or what was left of it. The triffid queen must have passed through the area near my tent, and trees had grown into the sides of it, knocking it over and spilling my possessions everywhere. Most of my stuff was broken - my rifle was in mere parts. My food was ruined and sprawled everywhere, and my clean water supply had spilled over the ground. Everything had just been ravaged by the overgrown plants.

It's hard to see months of supplies you'd worked your damned ass off for just taken from you in the blink of an eye. When I first saw this, I was just moving my mouth slowly in disbelief. I barely managed to mutter to the girl beside me:
"This is where I liv-" I decided to stop and correct myself.
"This is where I used to live."

The cyborg looked at me unsurely for a while, then looked to the ruins of my tent. I'd chosen the quickest path here, and it was precise. So she could clearly tell I hadn't just stumbled into the place at random.

"Your DNA matches some of the samples in the tent." She muttered, but I didn't really care at this point that she believed me. All of my work was gone in front of my eyes, replaced by huge flowers and pretty bushes - I felt like it was some sort of cruel joke, and hated that triffid queen more than anything at that moment. Even if there was nothing left of it.

"Yeah." I muttered plainly, and I slowly walked to where my tent used to be, examining all the clothes, my lantern, my books - everything just ruined. I bent down on one knee slowly, and took up one of the things that didn't seem damaged. A necklace I'd picked up from some shop - a simple copper necklace with a shark tooth hanging from it. Slowly, seeing as it was the only thing I could get back, I slowly put on the necklace. I wanted some reminder of the old life still with me.

You have to learn to deal with things like this in the apocalypse. You can't brood - you'll just get yourself killed. So I turned back to the cyborg, and took a deep breath as a looked at her, trying to get the picture of my old tent and tons of supplies which I could have got back to out of my mind.
"So. Now what?"

The cyborg blinked, and it seemed she'd been watching me the whole time. She seemingly didn't know what to do, and her face seemed to be showing some signs of realization.
"You're not part of any group..."
"That's right. I've just proved it."
"That means... the others might have been telling the truth too if they ever said they weren't part of a group."
I kept quiet for a while, as did the girl.
"How many have you taken?"
"Twenty one."
I looked down at the floor at this fact.
"They've all been killed?"
"All but three - they'll be executed tomorrow."
"Then you have to save them. We know now your commander was lying."
The cyborg suddenly turned on me furiously, and her eyes glinted red as she gripped my face to look into her eyes with a red hot hand, to which I screamed at the pain.
"My commander saved my life, and he's one of the best people I know! Not a liar!" She hissed before letting me go - the pain was searing through my cheeks, and I wasn't sure what to do anymore. I had no home, and this girl probably hated me.

Then I had an idea. A stupid idea. But it seemed the best thing to do back then.

"Then we can go and see your commander. I've proved I'm not hostile. Did he say-"
"I was told every human in the forest is hostile. And to kill everyone - and everything - in the forest."
"Well I'm just an exception then. Do you live in a base? Or something like that?"
"Oh, come on..." I muttered, rubbing my face with my palm. I revealed my sweating face again and looked into the cyborg's eyes.
"What I'm suggesting is that you can show him I'm not hostile. I'm not saying your commander is a liar - it's just, maybe he didn't know. It could just be a mistake - and there could be more innocent people out here that you're taking back. The three due to be executed - one of those people could be innocent. We could just check, that's all." I said, attempting to be persuasive. What I'd said seemed to make the cyborg stop and think for a while, and her eyes stopped glowing red. There was something still human inside her, even if she acted in a robotic kind of way. Her face was not mechanized, and her hair was still flowing freely - she was still human. I could see some positive qualities in her still.

"Very well. I will explain the situation to the commander, and he can decide your fate. For now though, I must take you back to our command center to do so." I was beyond relieved.
"Phew... Thank you for believing me - do you have a name?"
"I have been assigned no name in the past, but I am part of the Justice Arms Cyborg Association, and my I.D. is #092. So please refer to me as that."
"#092. Got it."

The cyborg girl, who I now knew was called 92, suddenly turned to me with a clenched fist.

"However, to take you back to our command center, I cannot allow you to know the route to get there."

Before I could protest, the last thing I remembered seeing was a metallic fist flying towards my face before I blacked out.

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {04 - Ninety Two}
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05 - Isolation

I awoken with groan, my body unceremoniously dumped on an uncomfortable metal flooring. My head was throbbing from where 92 had punched me, and my neck was still burnt and a hideous red from where the cyborg had grabbed me. I think I still have that scar today. I feeled around my pockets blindly, and I didn't have my knife, and my quiver of arrows was empty. Not to mention my bow was nowhere to be seen. Everything else I was still wearing, though.

In general, I wasn't having a good day at all. Usually the highest of my problems in the forest were zombie bears, who were fast and relentless. That's what the zombification does to you. You have no sense of morals, no sense of pain - no mercy. All your mind is programmed to do is kill, kill, kill.

I rubbed my painful head, and my eyes scanned around where I was. I had no idea where I was, but it was indoors, and freezing cold. Inside some sort of large metal cell with nothing but a pair of bright lights at the roof, and the most likely reinforced glass that was holding me captive looked unbreakable. Through the large pane of reinforced glass, I could see some form of corridor leading to an area I didn't know about at the time. In general, the place looked clean, and everything seemed to be made out of white-painted metal.

This was not a place I was used to. But judging by the pristine condition of the place, I'd guess it was underground somewhere. Pretty much every pristine building above ground had become habitat for zombies to roam.

"Awake, huh? I'll bet you got yourself caught."
I heard a young, male voice behind me call in what I thought was a casual tone. Jumping a little, I looked behind me hurriedly to face the man - or should I say boy. He wasn't exactly a child, but he seemed to be in his latish teens, around 17 years old.

He definitely seemed to be the kind of guy who stood out from the crowd. He was wearing a cyan hooded top, which seemed to be strapped with all sorts of navy-dyed pouches and such. His baggy midnight-blue trousers had all sorts of holsters attached, but they seemed to be empty. I guessed he'd had everything confiscated. But the thing that stuck out the most was his hair. Mostly due to the fact that it was dyed a vivid cyan blue, and was long and styled so it covered one half of his fair face. For someone who lived in the forest, I'm sure he stuck out like a sore thumb; 92 must have caught him a mile off.

"Something like that." I grumbled, my voice clearly lower than his as I brushed the tangled and long brown hair out of my eyes. The boy covered his hand with his mouth, and began to chuckle in his casual position: slumped prone against the wall of the cell.
"Heheheh! Talk about a bad hair day, dude! Man, people really don't know how to keep in style nowadays." The boy chuckled with a cocky smile. Shots fired.
"Style? Style means damned nothing now! No-one's going to be judging you... and besides... that hair looks ridiculous..." I muttered back. Shots returned.
"Heheheh! I like you!" The boy announced, jumping up to his feet. I was about to explain to him that I hated him already,  but he'd already approached me and extended his pale hand in my direction.
"Name's Jay! If I'm honest, I think we're both going to be held here until we're killed in a few hours!" He said too happily considering the circumstances. I raised an eyebrow at him for a good two seconds, but I soon gave in and shook the hand half-heartedly.
"Valen... Valen Curse."
"Cool! Well, you got caught too, huh? Shame... shame... they just took away some chick who was in my cell when you arrived. Blondie, and pretty hot... but get this, right?" Jay said in his young voice. God, I hated him.
"She had, like, claws! Not really long nails or anything, she literally had claws... man! So weird... but cool! She never talked to me though. She was just scared of dying and crying most of the time. I didn't even get her name..." Jay ended with a regretful tone, partially losing his smile.
"Wait, how long ago?" I said suddenly, standing to my feet.
"How long ago was that girl taken away?"
"Just around 20 minutes or so ago. Why, do you know her?"
"...No. But I know I'm innocent and not in some hostile group, and the chances are she isn't either! If I can just convince 92's commander... then..."

Jay's face emitted pure confusion and he opened his mouth dumbly, not knowing anything I was talking about.
"Uh... 92? Commander...? And I know right! Told that cyborg who caught me I wasn't in some bullshit group, but she didn't believe me! Me and my little bro had been surviving on our own for years. I'm glad she got me instead of him... but she'll kill us. Not much we can do about it, but I'm not complaining. It is what it is." Jay said more seriously, putting his hands behind his head and resting on the edge of the cell.
"No... no... I convinced 9- uh, the cyborg girl that I wasn't in some group. I'm not sure, but I think she believed me. Said something about the commander deciding my fate."
"No kidding? Damn, I don't know how you got through to her. She was just like a machine. I tried to fry her with my cattle prod, but she wasn't even stunned for a second by it. Then I told her everything - how I had a little brother, not some hostile group... but I just couldn't get through to her! And now I'm here..." Jay muttered. He then looked up with a slight smile, and a glint of hope seemed to twinkle from his eye.
"So you could get out of here? You've actually convinced her?"
"Yeah... I think."
"Heh! Sweet! Maybe she'll let me out, too if you can get through to the girl. But you said something about a commander, right? I wonder what he's like..."
"Or she." I pointed out blandly. "But if the cyborg passes, I'll get her attention. I'm sure she'll bring me to the commander; that's what she said she'd do." I said surely, and swallowed. Jay looked at me for a few moments, and I couldn't decide what the look was when it was accompanied by that slight smile of his. I decided that it was a look of admiration.

A few minutes passed by in the cell, and Jay had been hopefully looking through the windows for 92 the whole time. He acted like he didn't really care about his execution sentence, but as soon as the possibility of freedom was presented, it was obvious he was hopeful now.

Hope. That drives us to do all sorts of things.

"Oh! She's coming down the corridor! HEY! ROBOT LADY!" Jay shouted through the reinforced glass, banging against it. I on the other hand casually got to my feet, and walked up to the glass whilst Jay continued to bang away at the wide pane of glass. Sure enough, 92 was walking down the corridor, and stopped at the reinforced glass to look me in the eye.

I looked back at her, and meeting her gaze was terrifying. I couldn't tell if she hated me, or was curious of me. But I settled that she wanted me dead. That serious face of hers was always a challenge to look back into, but I remained eye contact with her for a good few seconds. I didn't want to look guilty. I knew I was innocent in this. As for Jay, I wasn't sure, but he didn't seem to be lying about his brother.

92 then pressed a button on the other side of the glass, and the huge pane dividing me and Jay from the corridor slowly slid open. A breeze of cold air blew into our now open cell.
"Follow me. Do not try anything, or you will be terminated." 92 said to me and Jay in her cold voice.
Me and the cocky teen were led through various corridors of the white-painted steel. Everything looked secure as anything, and the condition was spotless. Wherever this was, it had been untouched for ages. Led through various other empty cells, I noticed many futuristic doors which were locked. This place was beyond anything I'd seen before - and I had no idea what could possibly be behind those futuristic doors.

After quite a while of walking through the same corridors and following timidly behind 92, she finally stopped at a large, reinforced steel door made of a greyish blue-painted steel with the words: 'COMMANDING OFFICE' boldly stated in black paint on the front of it. She stopped to type in a code, and her fingers moved too fast for me to take note of it. Jay seemingly tried to do the same too as he bit his lip in disappointment.

The door began to process a series of many mechanical clicking noises before it slid open, revealing a wide room shaped like an octagon, made from the same white steel. There seemed to be many metal cabinets around the octagonal room, but in the centre was what caught my attention the most. A simple wooden desk amidst the futuristic room, and behind it sat what looked like a relatively old man. His left eye was a flickering blue colour, and coated with metal. An obvious bionic. I'm not sure what he was wearing, but it seemed like some sort of black metal armour. Atop his balded head was a black cap, and I could have sworn I felt suspicious of the man as soon as my eyes met his.

"Commander. I have bought the man you've requested. And the other one..."
"It's Jay, lady..."
Jay shut his mouth.

The commander closed his eyes slowly, and nodded as he stood up from his desk. As he stood, I could hear the many creaking of mechanical parts as he did so, but his lower body was hidden by the brown, wooden desk. He opened his voice to speak, and his voice was low and somewhat... alluring. The voice you'd expect of an old man, yet a little... I don't know how to put it. Sweeter.
"I see. And these two claim to not be part of the crazed murderers in the forest?"
"Affirmative, commander."
"And how can we believe them? You've seen what they can do with their own eyes. Everyone in the forest is nothing but a psychopath - the footage I shown you proves that."
92 fell silent for a moment, and me and Jay were stuck in an awkward silence.
"This one... the evidence shows he was living by himself. I found DNA samples of a ruined tent he used to live in. The DNA samples trace back for months. And I found no other samples - he's been living there. Alone." 92 said slowly, and pushed me forward.
The commander raised an eyebrow, and stroked the few grey hairs that could be classed as a beard. His mechanical eye flashed a little bit, which made me sweat nervously.
"Is that right." The commander said slowly, and a hint of malice in his voice made me even more nervous. I just wanted to be back in the forest, and back in the safety of my tent.
"Hmph. Well then, the other one?" The commander said, switching his glare to Jay.
"I don't have evidence. I didn't collect any. He claimed to be living with his brother." 92 replied. I heard Jay uncomfortably fidget behind me.

The commander was as still as a rock for a few moments, and then the mechanical clicking of his robotic legs was audible again as he sat down.

"The girl I ordered you to put in the BD9 unit. Has she been executed yet?"
"No, commander. She is awaiting to be decomposed in the unit. I haven't activated it yet."
"Take her out, and bring her here."
"Yes, commander." 92 dutifully replied, and her feet clanked against the metal floors as she excited the room. Me and Jay were still and unsure of what to do, and we faced the commander's desk blankly.

"So. You two claim to not be psychopaths, hmm?"

We both shook our heads. The commander was still for a few seconds, then leaned over on his desk.

"Well. We'll see about that. Because every eighteen other people I've bought here were guilty as anything I've ever seen!" The commander snarled loudly, and smashed a gauntlet-protected fist against the table which caused an unsettling echo through the large room.

"And how do you know that."
I said automatically. Idiot. I should have just kept my mouth shut. The commander slowly turned his blue bionic eye to look into mine, and the blue, metal-encrusted eye flickered red for a few seconds before returning to its original state.

"I don't need to have evidence. Because when you're in my domain, I'm the judge." The commander said slowly through gritted teeth. I gulped, and Jay lightly tapped my arm as if to say 'Keep your mouth shut.' Little could he talk about keeping his mouth shut.

"And now it's simple. I will decide whether you will live-" The commander began, and slowly creeped the fingers of his gauntlet around the edges of the desk.

"-or if you will die."

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {05 - Isolation}
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Love it! Keep going:)

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {05 - Isolation}
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I'm really liking this so far!
"'Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!'"

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Re: Cry of the Woods | {05 - Isolation}
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06 - Sentence

The Commander's words shook me beyond belief. I'm sure none of you people's lives have been on the line simply due to one man's beliefs. I didn't even know if he was sane; if he could still think normally - but he must have had a huge amount of power to have control over a place like this. And to have control of cyborgs as powerful as 92. Her destructive power is still implanted in my mind today.

Me and Jay just... we didn't know what to do. What to say. I had some idea of what was going on, yet I knew if I said one more wrong thing, the Commander would kill me there and then. His bionic eye, his heavy black metal armour... all of it made him look like a force never to be reckoned with.

The Commander must have known his point sentenced us to silence; his gauntlet-coated grip loosened around the plain desk, and he sat back down plainly, resting his elbows on the table and holding each of his hands. Jay flashed a look to me for a moment, but I ignored it.

"She's here, Commander." 92's voice mechanically muttered from behind us.
"P...please...!" A new, high-pitched and desperate female voice squealed. I wanted to turn and see who it was, but the Commander's watchful stare with his bionic eye froze me in place. Jay however was eagerly looking behind him; it was obvious he liked what he saw.

When they were standing beside us, 92 was holding a female - probably about twenty years old, who was wearing some basic pelts around her slightly tanned skin. Her hair was very long, silky and a bright golden blonde, and her eyes were unusually of a similar golden yellow - but the most distinct thing was what Jay was talking about in the cell. Instead of short fingernails, this girl had long and sharp greyish claws; the reason she was the only one in the room who was handcuffed. The Commander took a deep breath, then looked up at the three of us; 92 not standing too far from behind us.

"So let me get this straight. You all think you're innocent of being part of a gang of murderers. Whilst I'd... love... to believe that, there's no evidence supporting your cases." The Commander began drearily, but 92 quickly spoke up.
"The brown-haired one, Commander. Like previously stated, there is evidence supporting his innocence." 92 said automatically. The Commander stopped for a few seconds, staring at 92 with his bionic eye, which was slowly flickering blood-red.

"Do not interrupt me."

"As I was saying, only one of you appear to have evidence you aren't part of that gang. So the course of action for me is quite clear." The Commander says simply, with Jay nervously awaiting the response beside me, and the clawed girl quietly crying on the other side of me. I didn't usually care much for other survivors - that's what the apocalypse does to you - but... I felt awful for the clawed girl. She'd just been pulled out of what I assumed was an execution chamber, just to hear the response:

"Both the girl and the blue-haired boy will be executed. As for the other one, you will be imprisoned here until further notice."

His words echoed around the room, and Jay looked at the floor plainly. He didn't seem to care about his execution before, but the fact his ray of hope had been smothered put out his confidence. The clawed girl beside me weakly struggled with her handcuffs, tears slowly falling from her cheeks as she nervously trembled.
"N...no...! There has to be a-a-another way...!"

My mind a buzz of the sheer unfairness of the situation, I knew my eyes were twitching angrily. The room was completely silent - so silent you could hear the muscles in my tightly clenching fists. Furious. I was absolutely furious with this 'Commander' - and my anger bottled up to a point where I couldn't contain it anymore.


The Commander slowly looked at me for a few solid moments with an emotionless face, and I returned the stare with clenched teeth and rage-entwined eyes.
"How can you sentence two people to death when you don't have any damned proof? Just because you're 'The Commander', and because you're powerful? You think this is all some FUCKING GAME? THESE. ARE. INNOCENT. LIVES!" I began furiously, the sheer rage in my words caused Jay to turn his head, and the clawed girl abruptly stopped sobbing and looked up. 92 watched me with a look I didn't know how to describe.

"Do not question me, boy, I a-"

My furious comeback must have sparked the Commander's own rage, and instantaneously, he stood up, his bionic eye flickering off its usual blue colour, and changing to a terrifying blood-red. His face sported an enraged scowl.
"Commander-" 92 began, almost in a protesting tone, but the Commander instantly turned on her.
"DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FREAKISH CYBORG. I OWN YOU, AND YOU DO AS I SAY. STAY. RIGHT. THERE." The Commander furiously burst out, and 92's eyes gained that same look when I called her a freak in the forest. She stood as still as a statue, and the pain the Commander caused for her - even if she was an enemy - angered me even more.
"Valen...!" Jay whispered beside me. The Commander stood up, his eyes crazy with power, and a hefty revolver pointed at me in his hand, with his finger eagerly at the trigger.


I thought that was it for me. I'd blown it - my anger issues had caused me a premature death for me, and the other two. I should have just kept quiet; at least given the other two a few more minutes to live. Hearing the gunshot come from the revolver, I winced and closed my eyes, ready to die. I had a pretty good run... right? I survived by myself in what was the equivalent of hell. It was time for me to go anyway. Hopefully there'd be a better place.

Maybe death wouldn't be so bad. As Jay said... it is what it is.

But no. It didn't end there.

Slowly opening my eyes, I opened my mouth in awe to see 92 stood in front of me. A large holographic blue shield extended from her palm. The Commander's bullet of false and furious judgement clanking uselessly against the white floor.


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Re: Cry of the Woods | {06 - Sentence}
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07 – Shockwave

I didn’t imagine it back then. 92 was protecting me. Going against her master; going against someone who apparently saved her life, just for me and the other two’s cause. I don’t know what triggered her to do that – but it was always something about the word ‘Freak’ that hit her hard. When you normal people are called a freak, it’s usually because you do or say something strange. But 92, she was being judged because of the way she looked – the way she was created. I don’t know if she asked to be a cyborg; a weapon of war; the Commander’s tool.

The Commander’s non-bionic eye was almost as red as his bionic one as he seethed through gritted teeth, even a little drool slipping through in rage at the situation. His professional looking beret slipped off his head and slumped uselessly against the ground, revealing a patch of messy and balding grey hair.

”YOU! What do you think you’re doing going against MY ORDERS?!” The Commander furiously screamed, laying in four more furious shots aimed at me in quick succession – all of which failing to penetrate through the holographic shield emitted by one of 92’s bionics.
”He is not our enemy, Commander! I can’t be responsible for the death of an unarmed and confirmed docile target. It is not what I was designed to handle, and it is not what this building is trying to enforce. We’re aiming to rebuild civilization and eliminate those who threaten it - not eliminate those who simply try to survive honestly." 92 says almost mechanically, but there was a hint of feeling in her words this time. More emotion than the usual monotone were flowing from her lips, and I was breathing heavily in the background – Jay was crouching ready, his mouth curled into a slight smile at the situation, and the clawed girl beside me had her arms wrapped around her head, trying to protect herself like an armadillo.

The Commander was still as a rock for a few seconds, his bionic eye not losing it red tint as his breathing became steadier, the heavy Riv-Tech Mk.99 Battle Revolver still gripped firmly, aiming for my head through 92’s holographic shield. Feeling like I had to say something to support 92 for her life-saving decision, I spoke up a mere sentence which was probably useless against mindset.

”You don’t have to do this. We can help you.”
”Yeah, man! I’m about the handiest man around with electricity – might be able to get your power up in this place tenfold! I can already see some room for improvements…" Jay chipped in beside me, folding his arms and squinting a little distastefully at the somewhat dim white lights. So he was an electrician. I always thought Jay looked like just a common punk with crazy cyan hair, but you shouldn’t judge books by their covers. An old saying, but a golden one. Especially out here. As for the clawed girl the other side of me, she was still curling her arms around her the best she could with her handcuffs on, crouching a little on the floor and murmuring anxiously. Although I could understand her fear, it was somewhat cowardly for a grown woman. But back then, I didn’t know about her past.

The Commander was still in the same position, as was 92, steadily looking her commander, her purpose, straight back in the eye. After what seemed to be the biggest minute of my life there, the Commander finally exhaled a deep breath, and slowly began to sink back down into his chair, although his cybernetic eye was still an unsettling red.

”All right.” He muttered simply at first. ”Perhaps… perhaps I lost my temper too much at that young fool. If he learns never to speak to me in that tone again, I may consider it.”

My heart sunk back out of my mouth, and I gave a quiet sigh, the adrenaline very slowly leaving my veins. The clawed girl beside me curiously looked between a gap in her protective curl with one of her eyes, and Jay gave a grin. 92 still kept the holographic shield up for a few seconds, then finally lowered her arm slowly, deactivating the shield.

”Thank you, Comma-

B L A M !

Lights flickered.

A silence.

It was a gunshot… what had happened? Wait… no…

No… he couldn’t…

Blood slowly flowed over my shoes, and I could feel spots of the red liquid dotted around my face. My irises trembling with confusion, my heart stopped as I figured out the horrible reality of what had just happened.

In front of me lay the Commander’s degraded tool. The broken weapon. 92, with a bullet hole in the center her forehead. Her once glowing blue eyes now a lifeless, dull grey as she fell still on the floor, her still and metallic body staining with the blood that ran down from her head like a crude waterfall. I stood still as a statue, slowly looking up to the smoking barrel of the Commander’s revolver, and a victorious grin of pure evil spread across his face.

”Now who’s going to save you, boy?”

I didn’t know what to say, or do – but I sure as Hell knew how to feel. I was furious beyond belief, touched to the point of tears at the crude murder of his own creation. The fact he could suddenly decide to end a life that had served him to no end, and only disobeyed his orders once. Was that a fair life? Did she die for a good purpose? Did she even… did she even enjoy her life before it was abruptly put to an end? Two tears, one from each of my horrified eyes, slowly ran down my face, dripping off my outstretched jaw and mixing with the wrongly spilt blood that continued to creep down the floors.

What would you have screamed? Most people would have gone for ‘Fuck you!’, I’m sure. I probably would have too, but the Commander… his murder right there and then… I hated him beyond belief, beyond measure, I thought he was nothing but a filthy scumbag sitting upon a throne of lies and lounging in a castle of dictatorship. I wanted to reach out and rip out his heart; crush in front of his horrified face. I wanted to take my knife and gut him slowly. I wanted to take that bionic eye of his and rip it out of its socket, then beat him to death with it.

I wanted to kill him. Oh, I wanted to kill the Commander. For 92. For the other victims of his true danger. It was clear now, there was no ‘gang in the forest’, he just killed all the honest survivors in the forest for his own twisted motives.

I wanted to kill the Commander. For his filthy lies.

Kill the Commander.


My eyes bloodshot with rage, my mouth emitted a furious, lion-like growl as my legs stooped forward uncontrollably towards the Commander, but Jay grabbed my shoulder.
”Valen! Don’t!”
”Get off me.”

The Commander laughed amusedly with his purely evil, hearty and  mocking, filthy and patronizing laugh. He then pointed the revolver and my head, and pulled the trigger. I didn’t even care if it was the end anymore, but it wasn’t. Luck was on my side again as the revolver gave an empty *click*.

”Hmph! No matter… I’ll come and finish you off myself. How very admirable of you to come and seek revenge for that worthless heap of scrap. I knew she’d question my ways eventually, and I decided there and then how to address that problem. But it’s clear! My way is clear! Lies – Valen, was it? Lies can be used to gain as much power as any man can handle! And if anyone stands in your way, you eliminate them!” The Commander yelled. His speech was so sick I wanted to wash out my ears from the filth they’d just heard. Flipping over the table with almost no effort, the Commander revealed his deep black, heavily muscular and extremely bioically enhanced torso and legs, made of a deep superalloy that not even a fine gun could penetrate.

“Rules of nature, Valen! The strong thrive, and the weak… DIE!” The Commander yelled, charging at me from across the room, the mechanical whirr of bionic parts audible! I wanted to go up and face him, but Jay’s tug on my shoulder and what little was left of my common sense told me not to. The strength the Commander possessed in that bionic body could probably rip me in half without any effort. Quickly approaching, the Commander charged at me with his arms outstretched, his heavy feet pounding against the floor.

”Run! I’ll buy us some time!"
”No, Jay. I want to kill this fucking piece of worthless scum."
”I said run! I got this.” Jay quickly yelled, pulling me back and diving to 92’s body, pressing a large metallic button on her left arm. Instantaneously, a crackling, whitish pulse bursted from 92’s corpse; as the shockwave hit the Commander, his bionic body froze in place, the machines inside of it whirring in protest.

”Grrr… w-what?!”
”Ha, just as I thought! A bionic electro-magnetic pulse device – don’t think I don’t have any experience in knowing what bionics do! This utility was considered a stupid idea when it went into production – for it’s a one time use only, and would disable the bionic users own devices! But I can see the use for it now, don’t you agree? Pretty shabby knowledge of your own errand girl!" Jay announced with a cocky smirk.
”W-w-whyy… you…!" The Commander growled through his teeth, his cybernetic eye flickering out due to the EMP blast, struggling to move.
”Heh! You may think you’re invincible, but everything has an effective counter! That is… for a little while. COME ON, RUN!” Jay suddenly yelled, grabbing the arm of me and the clawed girl as he ran on. I wanted to go and beat the everlasting shit out of the Commander while he couldn’t move, but I didn’t have any of my weapons on me. The clawed girl could have probably ripped him to shreds, but she didn’t exactly look like the fighting type, and was handcuffed anyway. So I went along with Jay’s idea, turning and steadily running out of the Commander’s control room and sprinting back through the many steel corridors, following Jay’s lead with the clawed girl struggling to keep up behind us, most likely due to those unwieldy handcuffs.


”You have any idea where you’re going?” I muttered through gritted teeth, easily keeping up with Jay’s lead. Although he had brains, I’ll give him that, my experienced of living alone in the wilds for months had attuned my physical condition to a much higher level than his.
”I saw where that cyborg chick kept our weapons! Lucky for us, it’s not to far away from our cell – and I ‘borrowed’ this from her!” Jay announced with a victorious grin, holding some sort of blue keycard in his hand. For a reason I don’t really understand even now, I smacked Jay round the back of my head with my palm, causing him to yelp as he ran.
”She died for us, and the first thing you think to do is check her body?!”
”Look, forest boy, she clearly cared about you. So much so that she went against her commander to save your life – if she was watching us now, do you think she’d want us to have an increased chance to escape? She doesn’t need it anymore anyway…” Jay grumbled as he ran, styling his hair back in shape from where I’d struck him. He really did have a point, so much so that I felt the need to apologise, for 92’s sake.
”…You’re right, I’m… I began, but turned my head to see the clawed girl far behind us, breathing heavily and really struggling to keep up with the handcuffs attached to her wrists firmly. I stopped for a second, jogging back and grabbing her so that she’d run faster and so that we didn’t leave her behind. Her yellow eyes looked at me worriedly at first, but she blinked a little in understanding, allowing me to carry her along.
”Hoo, ladies’ man, are we?”
”Shut up and take us to the weapons!” I snapped back, although the clawed girl was clearly blushing a little.
”Kiiiidding…! Alright… they should be… aha!” Jay pointed out with a grin, nodding in the direction of a large, locker-like safe affixed to the wall, opposite of one of the reinforced glass cells we had both been held in previously.

Wasting no time, Jay hurriedly slid the keycard into a slot at the safe, the metal door quickly swung open, and inside I instantly spotted my homemade bow, quiver of arrows and my trusty hunting knife. Wasting no time in grabbing those, I was content being equipped with them once more before I saw what must have been Jay’s gear. Three spherical, grenade-like orbs which I assumed were EMP grenades, a large black spray-painted cattle prod with all sorts of complex wires and devices attached to it, which Jay fondly grabbed and flourished in his hand with a contented sigh, pocketing his EMP’s. As for the clawed girl, she seemed to own a belt with all sorts of pouches containing unknown contents. After grabbing my gear, I affixed the belt to the clawed girl for her, being sure not to take the situation out of context as I carefully attached the belt around her waist. Thankfully, Jay was too busy admiring his cattle prod to see. Once that was done, no more gear was left laying in the locker. I guessed we all bought few items with us whilst we were caught by… 92

”Alright… now we’re getting somewhere…” I muttered to myself, fondly throwing my homemade bow over my shoulder, where it belonged.
”Jeez, you really are the woodland boy! Homemade weapons and all!” Jay smirked, cattle prod in hand and an EMP grenade clutched tightly in the other.
”And you’re really a nerd…” I replied with a smirk. Jay smirked back at me, and our gazes met for a few seconds before we shook our heads and turned away.
”U-u-um… I could help… if it weren’t for these cuffs…” The clawed girl quietly squeaked from behind us. We both turned around, surprised to hear the clawed girl actually talk to us.
”Uh, right. We’ll find so-“ Jay began, but almost instantaneously the corridor was filled with a bright red light, and a horrible siren echoed through the corridors, the sheer sound and flashing lights making my eyes and ears throb, my senses disorientated as I stumbled around confusedly. I hated bright lights.

”Shit. The EMP must have wore off.” Jay muttered gravely.

This was it.

The Commander was going to throw everything we had against us.

Everything against a few people with mostly makeshift gear. The people 92, the broken weapon, had died to save.

Welcome to the truth – the truth of how people can be in the apocalypse.
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Re: Cry of the Woods | (Getting into the action) {07 - Shockwave}
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YESSSSSSSSS! I've been waiting for more of this

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Re: Cry of the Woods | (Getting into the action) {07 - Shockwave}
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keep it up :D
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Re: Cry of the Woods | (Getting into the action) {07 - Shockwave}
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08 – Ricochet

The sirens were still blaring, and the clawed girl whimpered nervously beside me whilst Jay looked around desperately.

”We need to get her out of the cuffs, she can’t run from the Commander like this…”
”D…don’t leave me behind…”
”Relax, lady, we won’t… but… Jesus… they aren’t electronic handcuffs, so this is where I’m at a loss. Dammit, I should have gotten the handcuff key…!”
”We can’t go back there now. Hold on, I have an idea…" I muttered to myself, spotting a glass case across the corridor, struggling to hear any other noises apart from those damned sirens. The usual white light had left the corridors and instead a flashing, deep red light illuminated the corridor, darkened it, and illuminated again in an endless cycle. It was chaos.

I smashed open the emergency glass that contained the fire axe, eagerly grabbing it and bringing it back. Even if my idea didn’t work, it would still be a useful item to have with me. Although my homemade weapons did the trick, man-made stuff was much better.
”Hold out your hands a sec, stretch them as far away from each other as you can.” I asked the clawed girl calmly. Her eyes widened with protest and she opened her mouth to speak.
”Do it!” I snapped before the clawed girl could talk; time was of the essence here, and a lot of it was already been wasted. Jay nervously fidgeted – it was clear he wanted to start running and find a way out of here, but I wasn’t going to leave another survivor for dead. Holding out her handcuffed arms, the chain linking the two handcuffs was my clear target to try and cut through. Because they were old, non-electronic handcuffs, the chain was somewhat flimsy. A powerful swing would do the trick, I just had to be sure I hit the link chain and not take one of the limbs from the girl.

”Alright, stand still! Stop shaking!” I grunted holding the fire axe aloft my head. The clawed girl closed her eyes, shaking like a leaf and whimpering as she made the chain as clear as possible for me to hit, but I could tell she was absolutely terrified.
”Woah, man, you shouldn-“ Before Jay continued on, I swung down, praying to any God out there that I didn’t fuck up. Thankfully I didn’t, and the axe head cut through the chain with a metallic clank. Opening one eye, slowly followed by the other, the clawed girl seemed relieved as she looked at her now free arms. The relief was probably from me not chopping her head off.

”Aaaand… that actually worked. Man, handcuffs are shabby these days. We should move o-“ Jay began, but the sound of a gunshot blared through the corridors, and a bullet narrowly missed his head, ricocheting off the steel walls with a whizzing sound.
”STAND STILL WHEN I’M SHOOTING YOU, BOY!” A crazed scream came from down the corridor. The EMP must have worn off! All three of us instantly turning, we sprinted down the corridor, using the dim strobed lighting to our advantage as the Commander blindly placed more shots. One was horrifyingly close to hitting my leg, and the sirens in my ears confused me beyond belief. Now that the clawed girl had been freed from the handcuffs, it was clear that she was an extremely fast runner; easily darting ahead of me, but slowing down to stay behind Jay. I didn’t know why I was following Jay – he seemed like an idiot, but he probably had a damned better idea about this place than I did, so I put my hopes in him for now, whilst gunshots and the Commander’s crazed roars were coming from behind us. I wondered how fast the Commander could run with all those bionics.

We took a blind left, running past cages of God-knows-what. With all the commotion, we didn’t pay any attention to our surroundings; just kept following Jay. He was quite distinctable with his bright blue and wacky hair, too. Another blind left, another scream from behind us. My leg slipped on some sort of slimy substance, but I managed to recover my footing and keep sprinting on. The corridors were getting thinner, and seemed less and less futuristic and built-up as we ran. Coming to a dead end at a reinforced metal door, my heart stopped for a moment before Jay quickly slid 92’s keycard through the electronic lock, and it slid open. Jesus… thank you, 92… thank you so much…

Initially, we burst through the door, but then froze in horror to see the barrel of a 9mm Submachinegun Turret pointing right at the three of us. Thinking once again that this would be the end of me, the clawed girl suddenly stuffed her hand into one her pouches at lightning speed, throwing some sort of small, grey pellet. The turret gave a menacing beep, and I stepped a few paces back, wondering if I would survive a few shots. I then widened my eyes in surprise as some sort of white smoke suddenly filled the room – it must have been the pellet, and whatever it was seemed to have put off the turret. It gave a few glitchy and confused beeps, spinning around in circles as if it didn’t know what to do anymore.

”Antisensory smoke… where’d you get that?” Jay mumbled, clearly impressed with the clawed girl. The clawed girl shrugged a little, quietly suggesting something about moving on.
”Hey, uh… what’s your name…?” I decided to ask the clawed girl as we moved on the outskirts of the room, away from the turret that seemed to be disabled in the centre. It wasn’t as hard to breathe in the smoke as you might have thought – whatever the stuff was, it was a strange mixture. It smelt something like metal; or aluminium foil.
”I…Don’t know…” The clawed girl quietly whispered, looking ashamed of that fact. Not knowing how to respond or make her feel better, I decided to up the pace and keep running, and soon we were back in the corridor; Jay taking the lead once more.

The corridor seemed to have lost the metallic aspect of it, and the lights were more crudely positioned around the room. The floor seemed to be made of a roughish stone, and wherever we were seemed somewhat unfinished. We were led through many open paths, followed by a sharp right turn, almost as if Jay knew exactly where to go.

”Almost there! The antisensory smoke’ll slow down the Commander a bit, judging by the model of his Radiakinetic Productions Eye, the antisensory gas might even break the damn thing!” Jay said as if I had any fucking clue what he was talking about.
”How do you know where we’re going?” I enquired, hopping over a fallen metal support beam. Jay was silent for a few seconds before he responded.
”Wasn’t fully knocked out by the cyborg chick. I remember her going through here… I think.” Jay added somewhat unsurely. Not that we had any better ideas, so I kept my mouth shut. Skidding on our feet suddenly to a stop, I heard Jay give a groan in front of me.
”Great… the path ahead’s blocked by some sort of… black goo… a whole pit of it…” Jay muttered.

My eyes suddenly widened – black goo? I didn’t know about Jay, but I knew for damn sure that stuff was the reason this whole apocalypse happened. I didn’t know a lot, but it infested corpses and reanimated them into what were essentially undead. Or for you people to understand: zombies.

”Is it moving?! I suddenly asked, my voice dead serious.
”Nah. Why would it be moving? Jay muttered distastefully. The pit of thick, black and viscous liquid was more than shallow enough to wade through, but there was no way we could jump it. Jay and the clawed girl had already established this fact, and Jay threw his EMP’s and cattle prod over, whilst the girl threw her belt of unknown – but most likely useful – contents over so they wouldn’t get ruined. I figured I should do the same to, so I did. The sirens were still blaring to apply more pressure to the situation, and it was obvious we didn’t have any other options.

”This… is gonna suck.” Jay muttered, swallowing his pride and jumping forth. With a sickly squelch, I couldn’t help snicker briefly as pretty much the whole of Jay’s body apart from his hair became submerged in the stuff. It was obviously a lot deeper than we thought, and Jay wasted no time in scrambling across as quick as possible, crawling over to the other side of the pit and groaning, dripping with black goo and wiping what he could off.
”*Spit*… fucking… what are you waiting for?” Jay groaned agitatedly.
”Just making sure it’s not like, acid.” I replyed with a slight smile, trying to make light of the situation. Jay was not amused.
”Ha ha, fuck you too! Come on already!

Rolling my eyes and sighing, I noticed the clawed girl really wasn’t happy about jumping in, and I could see why. She was short. Me and Jay were both sort of the same height if you excluded Jay’s crazy hair, and this really didn’t look like a good thing to drown in.
”When I get in, jump on my shoulders.” I ordered the clawed girl quickly, not waiting to hear or see her reaction as I closed my eyes, and plunged in. It was horrible – so fucking horrible I can’t even describe it. The viscous jet-black liquid was up to my eyes, and if I even opened my mouth a tiny bit then the sticky, just generally disgusting goo would fall in my mouth. Not what I wanted. I struggled to keep my balance as the clawed girl made her way onto my shoulders, and the viscous stuff was beyond hard to wade through with a grown woman on your shoulders, even if she was small. I doubt any of you have waded through treacle, but if you have, believe me: this is much harder. Especially with a clawed girl on your back.

”A true gentleman.” Jay remarked. I would have said something back, but my mouth was under this horrible stuff. After what seemed like an eternity when I reached the other side, the clawed girl crawled off my shoulders and onto the other solid ground, only her thighs covered in the black goo. She owed me big time for this – that’s all I was thinking. Crawling from the pit with great effort, black arms of goo trying to pull me back, I gave a groan as I struggled onto my feet, jet black mixture dripping from my body. Whatever it was didn’t smell of anything, so it wasn’t tar. Could it be the black goo that reanimated corpses? Even if it was, I didn’t seem to be feeling any different, and we were a step closer to escape.

No time to be wasted, the goo-covered Jay and I struggled to jog, and Jay hurriedly pointed to a ladder at the end of the room.
”Here, the ladder! This should be the way out of this shithole; come on, quick!” Jay yelled across to us, gesturing with a goo-soaked hand. We let the clawed girl scramble up the ladder first; it would be easier for her for she wasn’t slimed like Jay and I. Jay headed up next, and I cautiously looked back through the room, the red lights flashing on and off and the sirens still pretty much deafening me. As for the Commander, there didn’t seem to be any sign of him. Was this it? Had we made it out? Above the ladder was a trapdoor-shaped hole, with a dim, yet normal-seeming light coming from it. Although up there, into what I’ve come to accept as a normal world, isn’t exactly safe – it was a hell of a lot better than down this facility. I was up on the ladder next, and my goo-coated feet squelched against the bars as I began to climb. I was beginning to see why it had taken Jay so long.

”Almost there, Valen! Heh! We’ve actually done it! Although I could sure use a shower… you’re lucky Valen piggybacked you across, girl! You have no idea how shitty this feels…”
”She’s too short, she would have sunk in that stuff. But yeah… you know… you did good, Jay. Thanks for leading us out. We all saved each other, I guess.” I said, a slight smile forming on my lips as I continued up the ladder, about halfway to freedom now. Jay looked into my eyes from the top of the ladder, and gave a slight grin. I don’t know why… probably the sense of comradeship that I was feeling, but I returned the slight grin. As for the clawed girl, she was nervously waiting at the top alongside Jay – although she certainly seemed relieved about the situa-

My heart froze. I couldn’t move my right leg.

Something was grabbing onto my right leg!

An ironclad grip… I couldn’t advance! I screamed, kicking furiously to shake off whatever had my legs, desperate to reach the freedom I knew I deserved.

”Heh heh heh… where do you think you’re going, boy?”
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Re: Cry of the Woods | {08 - Ricochet}
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keep it up :D
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